Print FAQs

Some questions and answers about buying my photographic prints.

How long is delivery?

Prints will generally ship 2-4 days from order via standard Australia Post.

What photo paper do you use?

I now print almost exclusively* on high quality Canson rag paper. If you have different paper requirements please use the contact form to discuss.

*Some prints may appear better on a different paper, or size considerations may dictate a different paper

How long will the print last?

Up to 200 years!  You read that right. I predominantly print on a large format Epson P800 printer using Epson’s UltraChrome HD pigment inks. Epson claim that when printing with UltraChrome HD and using speciality photo & fine art media displayed indoors under glass, accelerated testing indicates light stability of up to 200 years for colour. So that coupled with Canson’s exceptional archive quality paper without OBAs, you can expect an easy lifetime or two, or three of exceptional print quality!

Do you offer a warranty?

I offer a 90 day – no questions asked – money back guarantee.  I want you to be as happy with the print as I was creating the image.  It can sometimes can take a little while between receiving the print and getting it up on a wall and maybe once its there you don’t like it as much. Providing the print is returned in original condition I will refund your money within five days of receiving the print.

Note: While I will refund your purchase price for the print, I cannot reimburse you for framing or any other ancillary costs you have incurred.

What framing considerations are there?

Standard and non standard frames

I offer prints in a number of ratios.

  • Anything in a standard size, such as 8×12″, 20×30″ etc, is noted on the product page and you should be able to find an off the shelf frame anywhere that sells frames
  • Anything in a panorama such as 12×36″ will require a custom frame to be made for it and is made clear on each product page

Custom frames can get expensive so I highly recommend you get a quote for a frame before purchasing the print, particularly if you are looking at any of my prints that exceed 1m in width

Mat or no mat?

I personally recommend all my prints are framed with a mat. A mat gives a nice border around the print followed by the frame itself. Prints without a mat that are flush with the frame and don’t have room to breathe

Do you sell just the digital files?

Digital files are available for a cost of $250 each.  These are sold on the strict condition they are for personal use only, not to be resold or used in a commercial capacity. If you would like a digital file please contact me to discuss the requirements.